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The 5 Best Life Coaching Products to Scale Your Business

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On this page

What are the best life coaching products to offer as a coach? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

If you…

  • Feel burned out running your business
  • Want to earn more while working less
  • Are ready to add more value to your coaching package without sacrificing time

…then you’ve come to the right place. 

Ready? Let’s dive in.

What are coaching products?

Coaching products are products you offer as a coach to help your clients get the results they’re looking for. So, these can include all kinds of things, like…

  • Guides
  • Templates
  • Videos
  • Workshops
  • Memberships

… and more! 

The goal here is to offer great value WITHOUT feeling like you have to be present for your clients 24/7 and completely burn yourself out. 

Alright, now that you know what coaching products are, let’s talk more about the benefits.

Benefits of coaching products

Here are a few reasons why offering coaching products makes a lot of sense.

Scale your coaching business

Want to expand your client base without working around the clock? Then scaling is the way to go. 

But… what does scaling even mean? 

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Put simply, it’s being able to earn more without having to increase your workload to match. 

For example, if you work a typical hourly job and you want to double your income, you’ll have to double your working hours too. 

But when you scale your business, you’re able to increase your income without working more… And that’s where digital products come in. 

With that said, the first thing to do when you’re ready to scale is to transition from a one-on-one coaching model to group coaching programs

That way, you’ll be able to help more people at a time for a higher ROI and scale faster.

Create passive income 

Passive income is one of the keys to being able to earn more without working nonstop. 

The idea is that by creating evergreen products, you can sell them indefinitely – even if you’re not actively “working”.

Have a bigger impact

As a coach, having an impact on people’s lives is incredibly rewarding. But maybe you find yourself thinking, “I’d love to help my clients more, but I’m already overwhelmed!” 

That’s where having resources besides live coaching to offer is invaluable: You get to make a difference while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Work with different learning styles

Everyone’s different, and that means people absorb information differently. 

For example… 

Some people prefer watching videos, and others prefer reading. By offering different coaching products, you can expand your offerings and instantly boost your coaching package’s value.

Okay, now that we’ve gone over some benefits of coaching products, what are the best digital options to offer? That’s what we’ll look at next.

The best digital products for coaches 

As a coach, there are a LOT of different digital products you could offer. So, if you don’t know where to start, I totally get it… 

But don’t worry, we’ll go over your best options below.  

First-steps course 

A first-steps course is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a course for beginners who might feel overwhelmed and who need help getting their first few wins


In this course, the goal isn’t to take a client from nothing to their final objective. 

Instead, it’s to help them create a solid foundation they can build on.

For example, let’s say you’re a health coach for people who want to lose weight. 

In that case, a first-steps course could cover something useful but not too intimidating, like losing a few pounds. 

So, in a nutshell, creating a first-steps course is a smart move because it…

  • Will give your clients a confidence boost through small (but meaningful) wins
  • Offers high earning potential 
  • Is pretty simple to create 

A-Z course

An A-Z course is the full package deal. 

In other words? 

It’s the course that takes someone from zero to their end goal. 

For example, my A-Z course, Employee to Entrepreneur (ETE), helps guide people who don’t have an entrepreneurial background at all to create a thriving business. 

With an A-Z course, there’s high earning potential. 

But… with that said, if you’ve never created a course before, don’t start here

Start with a smaller, more focused course. And THEN apply what you learned to create a larger course. That way, you’ll be able to make the larger course even more valuable, like I did with mine.


With the membership model, people pay you through a subscription rather than buying a course outright. 

So, what’s appealing about this model? 

For one thing, subscriptions can provide an exclusive community where your clients can interact among themselves. They can also have direct access to your expertise and feedback, which is highly valuable. 

On the other hand… Retention can be a challenge, and you do need a lot of clients to make a high ROI. 

Also, it takes a lot of work to stay engaged in a community. So, if being able to put your online business on autopilot and step away is important to you, this model isn’t your best option. 

It CAN be lucrative, though.


A mastermind group is one way to start scaling your business for long term growth. Here, you can create a small community of people who share the same aspirations and vision. 

The goal? To help your clients reach specific objectives by creating an environment of mutual support where they can share ideas and grow together. 

Here’s why this can be effective: A lot of people struggle to put in the work necessary to succeed because they feel isolated and unsure of themselves… EVEN if they have what it takes. 

So, being part of a mastermind group of like-minded people can be a total gamechanger. 

And for you as a coach, this model can be lucrative and a good way to get started… But you DO need to invest your own time and be active to make it successful. 

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That’s why self-directed courses that don’t require you to continually invest time are a better option in the long run (if you’re trying to scale in the most efficient way possible).

Digital products (ebooks, planners, and so on)

Think of digital products as “extras” that can boost your coaching package’s value. So, these can include all kinds of things, but they should be targeted to your specific niche. 

For example, let’s say you’re a life coach who specializes in helping people transition to a new career in middle age. In that case? 

You could offer an ebook about common mistakes people make in their job search and how they can stand out from other candidates. 

Or you could create a guide outlining your own foolproof strategy to networking the right way. 

Or a series of videos about a specific pain point your clients have… You get the idea. 

Though digital products ARE a great tool to build passive income, you do have to sell a lot of them to make a lot of money this way. 

So… bottom line? 

Digital products are a great addition to coaching services and can bring in a nice side income, but they don’t have the same earning potential as other options on this list.

Alright, now that you know what products you could offer, it’s time to answer an important question…

How do you create a coaching product? 

What’s the best way to make a coaching product that your coaching clients will actually WANT to pay you for? That’s what we’re going to talk about next.

Find your niche

Listen: Life coaching is a HUGE niche. 

In other words? To help real people with their real pain points, you have to know WHO your ideal clients are and WHAT pain points they have that you can solve. 

Because the thing is, this step is the key to attracting the kinds of people you want to work with. So, let’s look at an example. 

Instead of saying…

“I’m a life coach for people who want to improve their lives” you could say, “I’m a life coach for single 30-somethings who are sick of online dating”.  

See the difference?

One is REALLY broad and doesn’t speak to anyone in particular (because hey, we all want to improve our lives!). 

But the other one is WAY more focused. 

It speaks to people in a particular stage of their life (single 30-somethings) who are looking for something specific (in this case, a lasting relationship). 

Once you’ve identified your niche, creating products that solve your clients’ problems becomes way easier because you’ll know who you’re talking to. 

Instead of thinking, “What do my clients actually need?” you’ll already have a clear picture based on who they are and what they want.

Plan your product 

Okay, the first thing to do when you’re planning your online course is to create an outline. Here, the goal is to lay out what your course is going to cover and what the outcome will be

This step is incredibly important. 


Because the outcome is what people are paying you for. It’s why they’re coming to you in the first place. Without a clear outcome to offer, your course wouldn’t be valuable. 

But don’t worry, this part doesn’t have to be complicated. 

You could use this simple formula: “[Course name] will show you how to [topic] so you can [client goal]”.

Here’s a made up example: “Freedom through Freelance will show you how to land your first clients so you can quit your job and work from anywhere”. 

The cool thing is, this formula can apply to any niche… All you have to do is plug in your information and you’ll be good to go.

Alright, here’s some basic info that your course outline should include:

  • Your course name
  • A description of your course (and that all-important final outcome you help people achieve!)
  • Your course schedule
  • Your course modules and the corresponding lessons that go with them
  • Any bonuses you include (templates, trackers, and so on)

Having an outline helps your clients know what to expect, but it also helps YOU stay organized and know what to offer. I go into more detail about creating an outline right here.

Sell your product 

Once you’ve created your coaching product, the final step is to sell it. But what if you don’t have an audience yet? 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to grow an audience before selling your course

Wait, what?

Let me explain…

Launching a product is actually a great way to ATTRACT people who are ready to pay you to learn what you’re offering. 

How do I know? 

Because that’s exactly what happened to me. 

For my first launch ever, I earned $8k with just 16 clients … and grew my subscribers from a few hundred to over 700 in the process

Check out this video for the behind-the-scenes:

And things snowballed from there… 

For my third launch, I aimed much higher and decided to invest $80k in Facebook ads to hit 7-figures. 

The result? I pushed myself harder than I would have otherwise and ended up bringing in $800k. 

And here’s another example to illustrate that you can gain a following as you go… 

One of my students, Lisa, got 12 clients from her first launch – even though she started out with less than 100 subscribers.

So, yes, those kinds of results are possible. 

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But here’s a quick disclaimer about my third launch: Investing a lot of money in ads if you don’t have prior experience IS risky. 

I chose to go that route because I had experience. But if you’re just starting out, there are other options out there to maximize your results, like:

  • Building connections through relevant Facebook groups
  • Posting value-packed content on social media
  • Getting interviewed on podcasts
  • Partnering with other business owners who are in complementary niches

Bottom line? 

You have a lot of options to grow as you launch, even if you don’t have a huge budget for ads yet. I talk more about all the steps to creating a successful launch here

Next steps

So, there you have it! Now you know what the best life coaching products are. 

As you can see, they’re a great way to scale your business and have more free time – without sacrificing the value you offer as a coach.

If you need extra guidance, I created a free PDF to help you avoid the top 3 mistakes people make when selling a course.

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