How to go from chasing potential clients who tell you,

"I need to think about it" (and then ghost you)


Having dream clients seek YOU out and ask,

"When can we start?"

You know those coaches in your industry who sell out every single program they offer?

Maybe they even have a waitlist for their private coaching.

And their prices are 2x, 3x, or maybe even 10x what yours are.

Want to know the difference between that coach and you?

It’s not that they’re that much better than you at coaching.

It’s also not because they’ve been around longer, have a bigger audience, or have more testimonials than you either. 

(Although of course all that helps, there are plenty of coaches with all of those things and more who still don’t have those kinds of results.)

So what is it then?

This truth might sting a bit (but then we’ll make it better):

It’s that your ideal clients don’t have the respect or appreciation for you and your coaching, that you deserve.

The most successful coaches are of course good at what they do.

But, let’s be honest:

That’s NOT the reason they’re so sought after.

The real reason is because they’ve managed to claim an exalted spot in their audience’s minds as one of…THE Coaches.

And this is what makes the world of difference. 

Because, as you’ve probably already experienced: 

If your ideal clients don’t see you that way, then unfortunately, you’re just part of the “noise.” As in, just part of the humongous sea of coaches that saturates your industry, undifferentiated from any of those countless others.

And what happens when you are just another “commodity” coach?

Well, you have to compete on pricing, hope you win those coach “interviews” (which somehow no one ever wins), and grind it out every day, hoping that eventually you’ll reach a tipping point where things get a little easier.


If that doesn’t sound like your jam, well, I’ve got good news for you:

Becoming thought of as one of those top coaches? Is something you can start doing RIGHT NOW. (No matter where you are in your business.)

Hi there! I'm Luisa Zhou. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I am one of those coaches...

I’m frequently quoted in the media for my business advice, in publications like Bloomberg and TIME. 

I’m regularly mentioned as one of the go-to’s in the industry, which results in opportunities others would kill for…like being invited to speak at Gary Vee Live in front of thousands.

My five- to six-figure private coaching is sought after by high-powered clients in their own right—like executives, CEO’s, industry leaders, and “niche” celebrities.

And what’s more…I’ve easily maintained this status despite being in one of the fastest growing industries in the world, hungry new up and comers, and every other challenge over the past eight-plus years.

The point is, I know what I’m talking about.

After all, it’s not like I’m here by luck or accident.

I planned, and then earned, my way here.

Strategically. From zero.


Well, first, let’s talk about the things you actually don’t have to do.

I (and you, because I’ll teach you how too) don’t have to…

>> Share every aspect of my life on social media. (In fact, as of writing this page, I’ve been taking a four months long, and counting, break from Instagram…it’s nice.)

>> “Follow up” or “convince” anyone to buy from me.

>> Do sales calls, even for my five-figure plus coaching packages…because my clients don’t need them to be ready to buy.

>> Worry about my clients not paying or not getting results…because they’re respectful, highly motivated, and ready to do the work.

And yet, even with all the things I “don’t do,” my private coaching has always been full. With dream clients regularly applying for my coaching even though I very rarely promote it. 

Again…because I don’t have to.

Because that’s what happens when you’re considered one of THE Coaches in your industry.

So if you know…

You are good at what you do.

You want to help people.

You have the skills and experience to back it up.

And now you just need some help getting your ideal clients and industry to see all that too…

Well, I’d love to provide you that help.

Which brings us to…

A 4-part video series to help you become one of THE Coaches in your industry - with the full client roster, premium pricing, and long list of testimonials to match.

Video 1


You’ll learn how to quickly become seen as a leader and go-to in your industry so that your dream clients are reaching out to you. (Contrary to popular belief, this does not rely on how long you’ve been doing this or how many testimonials you have. I’ll give you tangible to-do’s that you can start using TODAY.)

And of course, I’ll give you tangible tactics for implementing all your options:

Video 2


If you want to be known as a top coach (or really, even just stay in business for any amount of time), you’ve also got to be able to deliver on client results.

No matter how good you are at the thing you help people with, actually being able to help them with it—aka coach—is a whole other skill set.

In this video, I share my best tips from coaching 1,000+ clients, and helping them get unparalleled results. You won’t find these anywhere else, because, well…few people have had the coaching experience (or success) I’ve had to go through to be able to figure out these tips.

With what you learn in this video, you’ll quickly become known for unmatched client results…which will compound your status as one of THE Coaches – allowing you to raise your prices and attract even more clients.

Video 3


An unfortunate fact of life for most coaches:

To get more clients, it’s easiest if you already have lots of clients. That whole “we want what other people want” Law of How Humans Work and all. do you solve this chicken and egg situation?

By using this video and the 11 fast and simple ways you’ll learn to make more sales and boost your bottom line as a coach asap (that don’t require a ton of additional work, a new “product,” or complicated strategies).

Video 4


Last but definitely not least…

Your skills, experience, client results, heart, none of it…will be able to make a difference…if you don’t feel confident in your ability and deservedness of being seen as a top coach.

That’s why we’ll dive into the actual specifics for building your confidence. NOT fluff advice like, “You’ve got this!” or “Just banish that imposter syndrome!” 

In fact, I’ll break down the 3 tangible parts to boosting your confidence and owning your power as a coach (without having to “just feel more confident,” brag about how amazing you are, or flaunt your private life on social media).

So that you attract the best, highly motivated, high-quality clients…who respect you, your time, and your prices, and are a dream to work with.

Get the training at an incredible value when you sign up below

What I teach in each video could be a course of its own. After all, each video is over an hour and a half long, and teaches things that clients have routinely told me they paid $1,000+ for…without getting nearly as much value as from one of my videos.

However, I’m packaging them together at a much lower price for a few reasons:

First, the videos.

These trainings were recorded on my laptop, so the visual quality is not the same as in my premium courses. 

Don’t get me wrong: The content is the same best-in-class teachings you’ll always get from me. 

But I’m factoring the visual aesthetic into the price.

Second, the lesson structure.

While the content is thorough and detailed, my trainings (including this one) are different from my courses. 

Because my trainings are usually long-form videos or livestream recordings, you get more details, coaching, and examples. 

However, it’s different from the conciseness and convenience of my premium courses. 

So, I’m factoring that into the price as well.

Finally, because I—selfishly—want you to have it.

Basically, my goal is that even if you get just one “AHA!” from this series, you’ll get an epic return on your investment. 

If you’ve never purchased a course from me before: This is a great way to jumpstart your progress while also getting a feel for my teaching style. At a fraction of the price of my courses. (Warning: This usually causes people to fall in love with me and my teachings…and become clients for life.) 

If you’re already a client of mine: Use this series to complement the content you already have, go deeper with your understanding and motivation (almost as if I’m coaching you), and get even better results. These trainings are packed with additional details and AHA’s that I simply can’t fit into my courses. So you never know what hugely profitable gem you’ll pick up on.

Either way, this series is meant to help you get better results TODAY.

So if you’re ready to start attracting your dream clients, make more sales, and increase your prices…enroll now to get instant access to the entire training.

After clicking the button below, and submitting your order, you’ll automatically receive an email with your login information to access The Coach in the course membership site.

After that, you’ll have lifetime access to the content, to listen and use in the way that works best for you.

**All sales are final.**

Please note: As with any business-related program, your results may vary from those listed. Testimonials used are of my own results or the results actual clients personally achieved. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a range of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. “The Coach” is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes time, effort, and dedication to build a successful business, and while we – and our students – believe this program gives you incredible and comprehensive guidance, ultimately, you do have to do the work.

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